Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Angry house Republican representative Jim Jordan just wiped the floor with president Biden, Nancy Pelosi and entire Democrats for their crazy policies and agendas, Jordan said everything the democrats have touched have become a total mess.

Rep. Jim Jordan on a recent interview specifically talked about the recent GOP election night victories, he Said its a rejection of the far-left ideologies and believes.

President Biden has moved on, as he does with all the disasters he has created.
The incompetent Coward serving as our president couldn’t even be civil about questions asked of him, he gets angry, points his fingers and frown at those who question his actions. We have a dictators at the helm of Affairs.

The Ohio congressman also said that, one thing about Democrats is they just keep going, no matter what the voters say, they won’t stop promoting their crazy radical agenda, and it is why Joe Biden is at 38 percent approval rating, because everything they’ve touched has been a mess. We went from a secure border to chaos Rep Jim Jordan continued.

He continued, “We went from energy independence to the president begging OPEC to increase production. We went from safe streets to crime, going up in every major urban area. We went from stable pricing to record inflation and supply chain delays.

“So I mean, it’s all a mess. But they don’t care They’re the hard left and they just keep going in the direction they are.” Rep Jim Jordan said.

Jim Jordan also thanked the voters for speaking up loud and clear, It turns out the American people don’t really like defunding the police and don’t like government saying that they’re smarter than parents. Said Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan also added that the Democrats in Congress are just going to continue their crazy left wing agenda. Ann unless Sen. Sinema and Sen. Manchin hold strong and we don’t get this ridiculous energy spending and ridiculous tax increases that are contained in this next outrageous bill.

The democrats don’t realize their actions are crazy even doe they realize, they don’t care. Mentally ill people never realize that their distorted reality is not the actual reality of day to day events.

This is now a political war, we need loud mouths that will take the Biden admin and hold them to the fire. Fox News should hold Biden accountable just as CNN did to Trump.


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