Senator Rand Paul recently went Off on president Biden. Rand Paul said president Biden was shockingly ignorant for ‘begging and bowing’ to Saudi Arabia for increased oil production.

Rand Paul told our sources in a recent interview that  America has reverted back to the same old standard. He said the Democrats hate the oil and gas industry.

It’s a well known fact that the United States of America has more oil and gas underground in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and other places than it would need to import from the Middle East, and it would easily make up for any oil and gas that the country ever needed from any other country.

“It’s better for Biden to travel to Texas or North Dakota, he should be talking about asking our country to ramp up supply instead of begging and bowing down to the Saudis and asking them to bump up their supply,” senator Rand Paul continued.

The Bidens administration also hate the production of America’s own oil,  he said that Biden is happy to go beg for it in Saudi Arabia, something that America got so much of.

President Biden is weak and that weakness is transferring to the country’s image. America is not as feared bas before. First the Afghanistan withdrawal the Putin attack on Ukraine, now Biden is begging and bowing to Saudi Arabia for oil.

Republican Senator Rand Paul also said that Joe Biden ‘going to beg Saudi Arabia for oil makes the United States look foolish, partetic and weak, and Biden should have immediately approved pipelines and given drilling permits in other to lessen the over dependent in oil importation.

Rand Paul also said, Everything the Biden administration has done has been to reduce the supply, that they have banished pipelines, they’ve banished drilling permits, They’ve banished drilling leases.

(President Biden is unfit to lead, the earlier he and kamala Harris is removed the better)

The Biden’s administration all-out attack on the supply of oil and gas in the U.S. shouldn’t shock anyone in resulting in higher prices and inflation.

The majority of Americans are not on board with Biden’s green energy agenda.The answer to president Joe Biden’s problems is right here at home,  he should immediately start encouraging production of oil in America, Sen. Rand Paul said.

Rand Paul also said One thing Democrats can’t escape is they are now in power and they have been for a couple of years, and inflation is through the roof, and people are seeing it at the grocery store, and people are also seeing it at the pumps, and it’s worsening as days goes by.

It’s now a well known fact that the Biden administration has no clue what they are actually doing, they are trying every possible means to run the country down and make life difficult for an average American.

The November midterm elections should be the end of this government, the ball is now on your court.


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