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You won’t have to worry about my tweets when am president

As the race for the 2020 US presidential elections heats up, the citizens of the United State of America are drawn between voting a leader in Donald Trump who has guided them in the past four years and shown to them what he can offer America and electing a former vice president in Joe Biden who has said; “you won’t have to worry about my tweets when am president” and is promising a better administration compared to that of Donald Trump’s administration.

Joe Biden who is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for the 2020 election, running against the incumbent, Donald Trump has on many occasions criticized the Trump’s administration over the running of the US economy.

Many of his criticism is seen in faulting Trump’s approach towards healthcare, education, security, women rights and so on.

Today Biden has come out on his social media accounts to criticize Trump’s misuse of social media accounts especially Twitter. Biden in his post on instagram @joebiden assured the American people that his administration will not abuse the privilege of office by disturbing  the American society with irrelevant tweets everyday.

Biden who posted on Instagram “You won’t have to worry about my tweets when am president” is letting the American people know their fear or panic over what things Trump has tweeted over will no longer be a concern when they wake up.

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This post by Vice President Joe Biden has seen many reactions from the American people. Indeed President Trump’s tweets has affected the American Society greatly.

Here are some reactions from the post

@brunchboys…Thank God I just want to wake up every morning and not panic over what things Trump has tweeted overnight

@young.chalice…I don’t care about tweets I care about keeping America great

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