JESUS Wasn’t Perfect
CNN REPORTS – JESUS wasn’t perfect, the lies Christians tell us

CNN host Don Lemon this week had come on air to criticize the perfection of Jesus Christ. In his comment he admittedly said “Jesus Christ who you believe in and worship wasn’t perfect here on earth”

Don Lemon went on to say to his colleague Chris Cuomo during the widely publicized CNN show that why are we; deifying the founders of United States Of America by calling them Christians, many of whom owned slaves.

Don Lemon argued; there is absolutely no way this great country of USA is built on Christianity or their beliefs.

Given that, Christians who see Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, Don Lemon Suggested he (Jesus) was just another imperfect teacher who completely slapped all Christian doctrines to His followers.

In a counter reply, Tony Dungy , legendary NFL coach and hall of famer who is an outspoken and admitted Christian slammed Don Lemon for his talks about Christianity on CNN and called him out to challenge him about his false statements.

What is your say on this report by CNN?

As a Christian leave your reply in the comment section below to show you belief on Jesus and if you think Don Lemon is right, leave your reply as well

18 thoughts on “CNN REPORTS – JESUS Wasn’t Perfect.”
    1. Well we know who owns CNN and who their Reporters and presenters work for “DATAN”
      He knows his time is running out..

  1. Jesus Christ is the spotless Lamb/Son of God who takes away the sins of mankind.
    Don Lemon and CNN are agents of darkness who fights everything God, so their position on Jesus is understandable. One cannot give what one does not have.

  2. What really amuses me is the fact that Jesus is not the only religious leader people follow on this planet, but the enthusiasm at which the nation’s of the world and people attack Christianity is alarming. The last time I checked we don’t force people to become christains, anyway Don Lemon is just another wind that would blow away unnoticed. We had more powerful and wicked people in the past who tried to bring down Christianity but they failed, he would only adding to the number. #bndovie #jesusisking #helovestheworld #nothingcanstopus. Peace!

  3. Certainly we are in perilous times. Don loves the world more than his soul. I pray he encounters the salvation power of Jesus Christ before it’s too late.

  4. […] Jesus Christ won’t drag you out of poverty or cure your illnesses, but the Chinese Communist Party will, so take down those pictures of Christ and put up a nice photograph of President Xi Jinping. That’s what thousands of villagers in southeastern China have been told by local officials, in a sign of the growing cult of personality around the country’s powerful leader, as well as rising pressure on Christian worship. […]

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