COVID-19 hospitalizations have dropped to the lowest level since the early days of the virus. But senator Rand Paul is kin on making Dr Fauci pay for the part he played in the spread of the virus during the early days of the pandemic,

Sen. Rand Paul believes Dr Fauci’s actions is similar to actions taken by a mafia don.

Dr Fauci in a recent interview responded to reports that claims Dr Fauci and former National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins strongly pushed back against anyone who went against the narrative that COVID-19 originated from a market in Wuhan, China, and he and other parties funded it.

It have been reported by different sources and evolutionary biologist Jesse Bloom that COVID-19 originated in a lab and leaked out. But their reports were suppressed by Democrats and the mainstream media.

Senator Rand Paul said that it looks like the work of a mafia Boss, than the work of government bureaucrat, scientist or doctors.

Nobody can disagree with Dr Fauci, If you do, they come down on you hard, and they try to suppress anybody with a different opinion Rand Paul said.

The Kentucky senator said that top medical bureaucrats will do everything they can to try to suppress his opinion.

Rand Paul also mentioned damning emails that surfaced in December that show Collins telling Dr Anthony Fauci to carry out a quick and devastating takedown of an open letter published in 2020, a letter that argued that COVID-19 lockdowns was not productive.

Rand Paul also said that one of the interesting things about the exposé is it also shows the harm of what the United States of America government contractors do, its a well known fact that they do this in other areas, but the shock is we didn’t know it was happening in science too.

Senator Rand Paul recently shared a video of Dr Fauci on twitter, a video that shows Dr Fauci touting immunity as superior to a vaccine when it comes to the deadly flu.

Sometimes last month, Sen. Rand Paul declared that he believes that over 95 percent of American citizens have either “antibodies to the virus or antibodies to the vaccine, senator Rand Paul credited it as the reason why COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths are down all across America.

Senator Rand Paul went ahead to call Dr Fauci a menace But Dr Fauci won’t admit it because he’s so caught up in putting stickers on our floors, putting masks on our faces, putting goggles on us all, Dr Fauci is a menace, and he has not been right really about anything since the outbreak of covid-19.

Sen. Chuck Grassley in a public town hall meeting speculated that Dr. Fauci will resign rather than face a Senate Health Committee chaired by the Kentucky republican Senator (Rand Paul).

Senator Rand Paul has already promised an investigation into Dr Fauci and the U.S National Institute of Health.

Senator Grassley echoed many of Rand Paul’s concerns was about Wuhan lab funding during a recent forum in Burlington.

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