Former first lady and one time secretary of state Hillary Clinton is forming an elaborate plan to run for the White House once again, after two failed previous attempts.

In a recent interview, the two time presidential candidate was worried that Trump will run again in 2024, and she is likely the right person to stop him due to President Biden’s unprecedented failures.

Hillary Clinton told MSNBC that If she was a betting person, she will say Trump is going to run again. And she thinks Trump running again will be the end of U.S democracy or the Democratic party.

Trump scares house democrats, they have never seen an opposition like him and they will want to do everything humanly possible to stop him, even if it means bringing back Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton added that, if President Donald Trump or someone of his ilk were once again to be elected president, and if as president the United States of America congress does his bidding, that nobody will recognize our country.


Conservative columnist and writer Miranda Devine recently said with total conviction that Hillary Clinton is begging Democrats to consider her again with her PhD in self-pity and delusion, after shedding crocodile tears while she was reading what was her would-be victory speech if Donald Trump hadn’t defeated her fair and square in the 2016 election year.

The conservative columnist and writer said in an official statement that she thinks Hillary Clinton’s actions tells you more about the state of the Democratic Party than it does about poor America, that democrats are even considering Hillary Clinton, that she isn’t just being laughed out of school for popping her head up above the parapet, from so desperately and so obviously having her hand up and asking her party to pick her.

The earlier Hillary Clinton is finally jailed for her crimes, the better for the country, evil must not go unpunished, she only seek the presidential seat to avoid prison. Let’s stop her before 2024.

Miranda Devine also said that Hillary Clinton’s decision to read her undelivered victory speech and then shed crocodile Tears at the end of it was her begging the American people and begging her Democratic Party to look at her as the alternative to Joe Biden, because after all, she is younger than him and Biden have proven a failure.

But Hillary Clintons major reason for wanting to recontest is because her crimes are finally catching up to her, her hands are stained with innocent blood, she wants immunity.

The coming years will be a nightmare because Hillary Clinton won’t give up until she achieves her goal. She feels that only her who was so narrowly cheated of victory against Donald Trump in 2016, only she can save America. And that is her shtick.

Hillary Clinton won’t stop, she will do it until her last breath, she wants to vindicate herself, she want to be the president of this great country, her dream is still alive.

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