Ohio Republican congress Man Jim Jordan said in a recent interview that Special Counsel John Durham wants jurors to know the truth about the origin and handling of the FBI’s so-called Trump-Russia Collusion investigation. He only want the Truth, no more lies.

The Ohio congressman in an interview with fox News Hannity applauded Durham’s success in convincing a judge to release documents, that the defence had claimed were privileged, in the trial of former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. What a good job Jim Jordan said.

House Republican congress man Jim Jordan reiterated that Durham only want the court to know the truth, and nothing but the Truth that it was a highly Planned CONSPIRACY against former president Trump.

Below is Rep. Jim Jordans prove that it was all a conspiracy to defame innocent presidential Donald Trump.

– From Christopher Steele, Tech Executive-1, Mr. Joffe, who create the lie.

– To Glenn Simpson with Fusion GPS who peddles the lie to the U.S press.

– Also Michael Sussmann, who takes the lie and hands it to the corrupt Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI).

– Above all, it was not just anyone at the FBI that he handed it to but the chief counsel Jim Baker.

– There is also Marc Elias and the Hillary Clinton campaign who oversaw the whole conspiracy process.

Rep Jim Jordan Also said that the debunked Trump-Russia Collusion charge against former President Donald Trump was, itself, a conspiracy to keep Donald Trump out of the White House, hence the two impeachment.

Democrats never liked President Donald Trump, he was one president they couldn’t control, a president they plan to remove right from the day he took office.

The Trump Russia collusion charge was false, and It was garbage, it was a conspiracy to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

Durham is finally onto Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Entire Democrats, and he wants to make sure the court has the truth and the facts, plain and simple, nothing more nothing less.

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