House Republican representative Rep. Jim Jordan has once again aired his commitment to seriously investigate Dr Fauci, the Justice Department, and the southern border crises, when he officially becomes the House intelligence committee chairman.

Rep Jim Jordan who is a ranking member of the House Intel committee. Said he is well placed to become the House Intel committee chairman when Republicans capture control of the House in this year’s midterm election. That would give the Republican party subpoena power and the ability to set the agenda of the House.

Representative Jim Jordan assured all Americans that the House Committee on Oversight and Reform jointly will officially conduct a probe on Dr Anthony Fauci and the origin of the corona Virus. He said Doctor Fauci’s actions and in action during the coronavirus outbreak will be exposed. And senator Rand Paul and Ron Johnson will spare head the investigation.

Rep. Jim Jordan said doctor Fauci knew from the beginning that he was funding gain-of-function research, and the origins of the virus likely came from the lab in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. And he is the architect of the virus.

Jim Jordan also said that, Dr Fauci’s actions is the manual for how the left operates.

Doctor Fauci said in his own words that he is going to get these individuals who get government money to write the story that he want them to write. And that they are then going to cite that story as the basis for the message they want out there, and were going to mislead the American people. That’s all they do, they own the press.

Rep Jim Jordan continued that there are six or seven other things that the Democrats misled the American public, and there’s a bunch of other things they lied about. “So we need oversight and the truth to get to the American people on that issue as well”. Jim Jordan concluded.

Rep Jim Jordan was also Furious at the DOJ, he referenced last year’s National School Boards Association letter that compared parents attending school board meetings to domestic terrorists, and the ensuing the department of justice’s memo that directed the FBI to help the police deal with alleged threats against school board members.

Jim Jordan’s next priority will be the chaos that is in our southern border since Joe Biden took office and has been that way for a year. Jim Jordan assured Americans that the GOP will take control of the border crises and they will rewrite the wrong.

The house Republican representative also added that he will call Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to testify before House Judiciary Committee, this is something house democrats have refused to do.

Another issue that Jim Jordan will tackle when he become the committee chairman is about Hunter Biden, son of the president, whose foreign business dealings have been a serious cause for concern in recent years.

Jim Jordan concluded that he will look into the collusion between Big Media and Big Tech that led to the suppression of reporting on a laptop believed to belong to Hunter Biden in the weeks before the last united state of America General election.


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