Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

President Biden has once again proven he is a weak and pathetic Coward. Over a year ago, the Trump administration passed a legislation imposing strong sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. This is a pipeline between Russia and Germany designed to carry natural gas and other deadly substances.

Russia president Vladimir Putin desperately wants this pipeline completed. But if the pipeline is completed, it will give Russia billions of dollars to put into use for evil and dangerous things across Europe and throughout the world.

The project was put on hold by Russia after the Trump administration put a sanction against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Everything changed when Joe Biden was elected into office.Senator Ted Cruz lamented Wen Biden and his foreign policy team immediately began showing weakness on Nord Stream 2, Vladimir Putin never hesitated to capitalize on Biden’s weakness as Putin commenced preparatory efforts to begin building the pipeline again within days after Biden was elected as president.

This singular act shows Biden is perceived as a weak and a pathetic Coward, a U.S President is supposed to be feared and respected.

Vladimir Putin began building the pipeline again, just days after President Joe Biden was officially sworn in as president. The Biden administration decided to waive the sanctions put in place to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline by the Trump administration.

Senator Ted Cruz says Waiving those sanctions by the Biden administration will come back to hurt the country in an unprecedented way. Senator Ted Cruz believe removing the sanction will prove to be a generational, geopolitical mistake. He also said, If the country continues on the current pace set out by President Biden, Putin will complete the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and we will all pay for it.

This bad policy by President Biden will now provide Putin and the next dictator in Russia billions of dollars every year from this pipeline. Money they will not hesitate to use for military aggression, they will use it for spying on America, they will use it for attacking their enemies, and the United state should be number one on that list.

Its a well known fact that Vladimir Putin has not failed to show his willingness to use energy blackmail on the entire Europe. This Nord Stream 2 pipeline undermine the interest of Europe. It undermines the interest of America. And not to forget, it also hurts jobs in the United States of America, unemployment will increase drastically.

“President Biden has insisted on giving a multi-billion dollar gift benefiting Russia, hurting America, and hurting our national security interests.” Says senator Ted Cruz

President Biden is too weak to lead a great country like America, his policies are weak and pathetic, Biden is leading this country to destruction, the earlier we get rid of him the better for the entire country. Kindly sign the petition below to impeach incompetent president Joe Biden.

Enough is enough for president Biden, he has totally failed us, families all across the country are seeing the cost of food go up, the cost of lumber, homes going up, seeing the cost of gasoline go up.

Inflation rate is rising on a daily basis, tax rate is cruel and unfriendly affecting everyone but expecially senior citizens and those on fixed incomes.

I think it’s now fare to say enough is enough to president Biden, he is running the country down.

Another big example of Biden’s Epic incompetence is the way he is handling what’s happening at the southern border. Over 1.3 million illegal immigrants crosses have been registered. President Joe Biden and Vp Harris caused this. They have totally ignored the whole situation.

The state of Texas is bearing the brunt of this the poor leadership of Joe Biden and kamala Harris, American farmers are dyeing, there are drug traffickers crossing on a daily bases.

The President Joe Biden and kamala Harris administration have totally ignored all the people who live on the border, ranchers, farmers etc. Biden has left them at the mercy of Drug traffickers and hoodlums.

It’s time to say enough is enough to the bad governance of President Biden and kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi, they don’t care about Us. SIGN THE PETITION BELOW TO REMOVE INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN AND KAMALA HARRIS.




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