Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan in a recent interview said that he believes President Biden was involved with his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings that are now under serious federal investigation.

Rep Jim Jordan’s comments came after a GOP member of the House Oversight Committee called for further congressional investigation into Hunter Biden’s text messages, but president Biden continues to deny his involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

Hunter Biden is now in hotter waters after Text messages from his computer which he left at a Wilmington repair shop reveal purported complaints that he was using up to half of his salary to cover his father’s (president Biden) bills and other expenses, according to his daughter’s missive.

The Ohio congress man told our sources that it sure looks like it’s now a family enterprise based on the recent text messages that have been discovered.

Jim Jordan also said he was just amazed at how the story has changed because it initially started out that it wasn’t Hunter Biden’s laptop. Then it quickly changed to it was his laptop but it was Russian disinformation.

They later changed it to it wasn’t Russian disinformation but president Biden had nothing to do with it.

But Now we know the truth, Joe did have something to do with it but his chief of staff says he didn’t do anything wrong. But this resent messages is saying otherwise. House GOP Reps have vowed to look into the recent evidence.

The Ohio congress man is sure that Hunter Biden is on his way to being Indicted and possibly jailed. Jim Jordan pointed to an up swell in reporting on the authentication of contents of hunter Biden’s laptop.

Rep Jim Jordan officially believes something is finally up as the federal investigation into Hunter Biden and his financial practices heats up.

The President son has revealed that he was under federal investigation shortly after the 2020 presidential election. Hunter Biden has never publicly denied that the laptop belonged to him, but he believes he will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Rep Jim Jordan said the worst of all the Hunter Biden Saga was the 51 former intelligence officials who signed an October 2020 letter claiming Russian involvement or Russia misinformation in the Hunter Biden laptop stories.

President Biden even called the Hunter Biden story a Russian operation during one of the 2020 presidential debates with former President Donald Trump. Biden knows he has a hand in his son’s dealings, and he will do anything to keep it silent.

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